If you’re thinking about a career in acupuncture, you’ll want to know how and where you can earn a certificate or degree in acupuncture.

Sri Acu Care Clinic and Institute, Tirupati and Chennai offers unique study opportunities in Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living in a beautiful location in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh and Tiruninravur, Tamil Nadu. We have wide selection of study resources available so you can have all the essential acupuncture materials for a broad learning experience.

Sri Acu Care Clinic and Institute, Tirupati and Chennai teaches acupuncture practitioners the five-element Oriental medicine approach to acupuncture, which is often used in conjunction with the traditional Western medical practices.

Acupuncture is used for: arthritis, headaches, migraines, to quit smoking, to lose weight, fertility, fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, face lifts as in facial acupuncture, back pain, high blood pressure, pregnancy, cosmetic purposes, anxiety, panic attacks, Crohn’s disease, asthma.

If you haven’t experienced acupuncture make to visit Sri Acu Care Clinic and Institute, Tirupati and Chennai acupuncture clinic to learn more about acupuncture. You might want to talk to an acupuncture specialist about a possible acupuncture career also.

Career in Acupuncture

Acupuncture training programs will give you a better idea if you’d like to pursue acupuncture as a career. An acupuncture career has great career growth potential. Just be sure to find out the length of the coursework and the expense upfront and know how you plan to handle it. Many have done it before you.

We are offering offering diploma and doctor of medicine courses in “Acupuncture’ from this year.

Sri Acu Care Clinic and Institute Director Lion. Dr. K.R.Kalyani a senior most Acupuncturist who treated hundreds of patients for 4 years says:

” The acceptance of acupuncture medicine has been gaining momentum all over the world, including many countries. “

There are many opportunities, Sri Acu Care Clinic & Training Institute has come out with plans to train students and make them reap benefits from the available opportunities.  According to study, those holding degrees of doctor of medicine in acupuncture are in high demand in various western countries as well in India, where the traditional Chinese method is gaining popularity.  For details contact 07207213436.



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