Symptoms & Causes of Gas in the Digestive Tract

In Large Intestine, there is a stagnation of excess of gas, which is formed because of improper digestion. The body will not accept these gases and excretes the bad gases as burbs. Still as it  does not completely go out from our body the stomach will have the feeling like bloating. Sometimes because of the pressure of the gas in the intestine, it gets mixed with blood. The gas mixed with blood directly goes to Liver and get purified there.

Though, liver tries to purify the contaminated blood, sometimes the blood with bad gas reaches the Lungs. This bad gas in Lungs mixes with the external air and excretes with bad smell through breath and mouth. Even belching will have unpleasant smell. The one who get more belching will soon get developed with the unbearable pain in tissues and tissue fibers. Very specifically the muscle fibers in head will get “Migraine” incurable pain and pain in facial muscles, back neck, lower back pain, fore-leg pain, paralysis – all these pains are developed due to the above said bad gas.

Due to improper digestion, the energies are not able to be get converted into vital energy, in seated – it gets stagnated as gas. The stagnation of gas in intestine – creates a pressure – because of that pressure, the bad air penetrates the organs, fibers as the invisible small air droplets and gets inside cells. Now, the cells and fibers try to digest the air droplets. Thus, the digestion, which need to be completed in intestine itself – continues to cells.

In general, every cell atom will contain such air droplets (vacuoles) and this is responsible for entire gas problems in our body. To digest the air in these vacuoles into water, the cell atoms and fibers – generates pressure on it. Against the natural form of tissue, when it gets pressures and shrinks, it creates more pressure and because of the same the air droplets become liquid and the shrinkage of tissues generates the pain.

Wherever there is a stagnation of gas in tissues, we will have a strain in tissues with severe pain due to shrinkage in those areas. It may happen alternatively also. This is named as a muscular strain. In allopathy, in-seated of enabling the digestion of the gas in cells, they are advising  ointments (muscle relaxant like Iodex, Moove etc.) to enlarge the tissues, which leads to more space in cells for the gas to occupy and enables the spread of gas on other cells also. Which will worsen the existing situation. So, we need to avoid the usage of these kind of muscle relaxant for pain.

If the gas get stored in the cell atoms of lungs, then we will feel a holding pain in lungs and for every breath it increases to make us feel hard to breath and unbearable pain. Because of this the gas from lungs directly mixes with blood and enters heart. As it enters heart, the gas enters heart fibers immediately. Again, here also the fibers tries to convert the gas into liquid by compressing itself, which develops the severe holding pain heart, which nothing but heart attack pain.

When the heart shrinks to push out the blood, the fibers with gas further shrinks and gives more pain. The severity of the pain makes us breathless, but it is not the heart pain. It is the pain generated in the lungs fibers and heart fibers because of the holding of pain – which it more like a death struggle.

So, we should understand that, before the heart attack, we get the pain in our lungs. At this stage in allopathy medication, without knowing what to do – give pain killer like xylocaine injection directly in the blood to reach heart. This makes the patient to get sedated, so they will relax themselves, thinking pain got reduced.