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Sri Acu Care Clinic & Institute provides drug free treatment with the state of art clinical training facilities with holistic strategies. It draws its roots from the work of Dr K.R. Kalyani , Leading Acupuncture specialists with high acknowledgements and accreditations for their superseding responsibility in the field of acupuncture. She has taken extensive training in medical theory and diagnosis and is completely devoted and aimed to provide most effective healing techniques employed with compassion, integrity and sensitivity for the needy and thus to make Sri Acu Care Clinic & Institute as primary system of healing in achieving their vision of health.
Sri Acu Care
Sri Acu Care
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Our Mission

Towards excellence in acupuncture

Sri Acu Care Clinic & Institute promotes safety, quality and ethics in practice. Our members are accredited and adhere to strict codes, practices and guidelines. You can find out how to become a acupuncturist from the study section.

Our approach will result in:

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    It Doesn’t Require Down Time
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    Acute Pain Will Go Away
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    Chronic Pain Can be Alleviated Without Prescription Pills
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    Extensive training in the field of acupuncture
Acupuncture About US
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