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Sri Acu Care Clinic & Institute, dedicated to fulfill the mission of providing excellent health care by means of natural ways of healing that restores the flow of vital force which was disrupted with the illness causing imbalance.

Our Well-structured system at Sri Acu Care Clinic supports excellent Professional development and truly superlative Patient care for people who have compassion for others and intend to pursue their career in the field of Acupuncture. Our Procedure also guides enthusiastic people to learn the usage of acupuncture instruments and application of different treatment methods.Read more

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    Sri Acu Care Clinic & Institute provides treatment by Alternative medicine / Drugless Treatment with an well experienced acupuncturist in.

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    Acupuncture is best known for its ability to treat pain with most effective healing techniques, it can also be effective for a very wide range of medical problems.

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    Get opportunity to practice acupuncture under guidance of well-trained authorized Professionals and server our society. Do good and be good.

They say

``You deserve to live pain free!``

Dr K R Kalyani
Acupuncture has been very beneficial for me. I am 67 years old and my jaw line was very droopy and lines between my nose and mouth very pronounced. I have…
Ananda Babu Devagudi/
A great healing to many ills of the present days...So be confident that your suffering will be healed
Thank you thank you we added another boy to our family that’s 5 boys and 1 girl. We could not have had him without your help so we are forever…
Chakradhar Rao T/
This was my first serious try with Sri Acu care clinic acupuncture treatment. I've been having chronic back pain and anxiety. The early treatments helped with the anxiety and I…
Roy Pradeep Kumar/
Sri Acu Care Tirupati offers High Quality drug less Acupuncture treatment by an experienced acupunturist Dr. Kalyani Rangarajan.
Being a recipient of both Botox and Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation I prefer the Acupuncture. It softened and diminished the lines of my forehead and brought more clarity to my skin.…
Men With Car
I would highly recommend Dr.Kalyani. She helped me greatly with herniated discs and stenosis in my neck. She is truly helped with the pain. It was my first experience with…
Flag with Girl
LavanyaLokesh Reddy/
You can go multiple times in a week, since it's a sliding scale. Its affordable. They have helped so much with my allergies and my asthma. I have just recently…
Award winning
Partha Sarathi/
Good to know that acupuncture treatment is available in Tirupati. Earlier people used to visit Chennai for it. Fortunately now we got Sri Acu care.. Thanks to the doctors.
Living with the pain and stiff joints from ankylosing spondylitis was an everyday occurrence, but when the pain became too great to ignore I sought help from Kalyani. Her treatments…
Cute Baby
Sravani Chinni/
Acupuncture can help by increasing the blood flow to those areas, thus keeping your muscles properly nourished and relieving tension at the same time" @Sri Acu Care Clinic & Institute
Men image
Chinna Satish/
Have you recently injured yourself and you want a natural and efficient approach that will speed up your recovery? Once again, Acupuncture is the key to your problem – @Sri…
I started seeing Dr. Kalayni in February 2016, I have had six sessions. I am amazed and feel like I received a miracle. The acupuncture immediately helped my fibromyalgia.
Murthy Poduri/
The best drugless treatment for all Health concerns with necessary tips for happy living.
Together For ever
Vijaya Sree/
The acupuncturist, Dr K.R.Kalyani, was wonderful. During the intake meeting, she asked questions based on my intake form to get a better sense of my problems. I appreciate her holistic…
Free Bird
Sravs Tirupati/
Acupuncture has definitely improved my life. My treatment experience was excellent. My body responds well to acupuncture, so it usually just takes one session to eliminate the back pain @…
Pravina Buddagandla/
Am Writing this review because this place really deserves 5 stars. Being used to modern medicines all these years, I didn't show interest in our traditional medicine Acupuncture. After spending…
I am happy that acupuncture is spreading and becoming popular nowadays. Since its very natural way of treating diseases or disorders i would highly suggest acupuncture treatment. I am one…
I approached Dr.Kalyani with my health problem which couldn’t cure even after using medicines and she was the best to guide me and suggested me acupuncture. Once i had my…
Srikanth Tuppal
Srikanth Tuppal/
I have taken treatment for lever infection. I have heard in my childhood that doctors can identify the disease through our pulse, but after a long time now it came…

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Why choose us

Acupuncture is a form of holistic medicine to try before deciding to use prescription drugs or having surgical procedures

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Acupuncture is an alternative

Acupuncture is a safer option when all else has not worked, and studies have been conducted to support its proven effectiveness for helping with chronic pains or disorders.


According to the National Institute of Health, when the procedure is carried out by professionals using sterile needles in a clean environment – then, as a result, few complications have been reported from the treatment of acupuncture.

Health & Well-being

It’s possible that the prescription drugs that are prescribed to you are not covered or are only partially covered by your insurance. Where as acupuncture reduces all the risk of loss.

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Symptoms & Causes of Gas in the Digestive Tract

In Large Intestine, there is a stagnation of excess of gas, which is formed because of improper digestion. The body will not accept these gases and excretes the bad gases as burbs. Still as it  does not completely go out from our body the stomach will have the feeling like bloating. Sometimes because of the […]

Heart Pain

How to diagnose the occurrence of heart pain, number of years well in advance before it occurs, through acupuncture? For the proper functioning of a human body,  the vital force flow in one’s body needs to be proper. The liveliness comes  to the body through the air elements. The air element related organs in our […]
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