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True healing @ Sri Acu Care


Welcome to the world of awakening vital energy through traditional insight
Sri Acu Care Clinic & Institute-The Best Medical care for Healthy & Happy Living

Sri Acu Care Clinic , Located at the Feet of Sri Lord Venkateswara, dedicated to fulfill the mission of providing excellent health care by means of natural ways of healing that restores the flow of vital force which was disrupted with the illness causing imbalance.

Our Well-structured system at Sri Acu Care clinic supports excellent Professional development and truly superlative Patient care for people who have compassion for others and intend to pursue their career in the field of Acupuncture. Our Procedure guides enthusiastic people to learn the usage of acupuncture instruments and application of different treatment methods.

Doctors Profile

Sri Acu Care Clinic provides treatment by Alternative medicine / Drugless Treatment with an well experienced acupuncturist in Tirupati.


Acupuncture is best known for its ability to treat pain with most effective healing techniques, it can also be effective for a very wide range of medical problems.


Get opportunity to practice acupuncture under guidance of well-trained authorized Professionals and server our society. Do good and be good.


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